The Start of Something New

You are a great person but do you know what makes you great?  Most of us don't.  We spend most of our lives searching for our purpose.  When we were young, we just wanted to fit in with our peers - we wanted similar clothes, hairstyles, dance moves, cars, houses and even names.  At some point, we realized that we are unique but we spent so much of our earlier years trying to fit in that it is now difficult to identify our own special gifts.  Growing into Greatness is the realization that we are unique, we have special talents and gifts and once we identify those gifts, we can grow into our own definition of greatness.  You are the author of your own life story and your definition of greatness is the only one that matters.  

What is your own definition of greatness? Can you say, "I am a great ______?"  Are you still growing into your greatness?  Let us grow together!

Janet AutherineComment