The Power of Kind Words

Nourish your Spirit with Thoughts and Words of Gratitude

Nourish your Spirit with Thoughts and Words of Gratitude

Have you ever thought, "I have nothing to give?"  I hope that you don't believe that thought because we are all wonderfully made with unique gifts that we can share with the world.  However, there are times when we lose our way, run out of steam or just feel buried under all the pressures of life.  Those are the days when a smile, even a faint smile, and a kind word is all that we can offer to everyone that we encounter.  Thankfully, it is also one of the most powerful gifts to give.

We often underestimate the power of our words.  Imagine this basic conversation between you and a co-worker.

Co-worker: "Good morning!" 

You: "There is nothing good about this morning.

I hate Mondays.

What are you so happy about?

The weather is horrible.

Same problems, different day."

You have probably just extinguished a smile, sown a seed of unhappiness in your co-worker and nourished the unhappiness in your own self.

Imagine the power of the same conversation.

Co-worker: "Good morning!"

You: Glad to be alive to see another Monday.

You look beautiful today!

Have a blessed day!

It is cold outside, I'm so thankful that it is warm in here."

If someone walks away from even a brief encounter with you smiling, you have just started a chain of positive energy that they can share with their children, friends and everyone that they encounter throughout the day.

Kind words have the power to penetrate the skin and make every organ in our bodies come alive.  If you are feeling down, nourish your spirit with thoughts and words of gratitude.  If you feel that you have nothing to give, give a smile and a kind word.  This small but powerful act of kindness will open a window in your soul to welcome your larger dreams and aspirations.

Have a blessed day!