Finding Your Voice

I have been home sick for a few days now.  Since I rarely get sick, this was quite unexpected.  A few days ago, I wrote the following quote:

Are you running so fast that God cannot catch up to you to bless you?
— Janet Autherine

That thought popped into my mind as I was laying in bed wondering what I could do while still sick.  I sent the family off to church this morning and stayed home to rest.  While watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, Dr. Robin Smith described the quote below as one of the best advice she had received; it came from her mother.

Be quiet enough to hear God’s voice so that you can find your own.
— Dr. Robin Smith

Lesson learned.  I am uncomfortable being still for more than 15 minutes.  I meditate and pray in the mornings but that is for a short period.  I still have six months worth of magazines to read because I cannot sit still long enough to focus on them.  It is challenging to be a writer or succeed in almost any venture if you cannot hear your own voice.  I resolve that this week, I will sit still for 30 minutes for a minimum of three days.  Since I need to be productive, I will call it "silent productivity."  Join me! Think happy thoughts, pray or mediate on your goals and your dreams.