by Janet Autherine


I believe in heaven but

if this life ends and there is no mansion in the sky and 

I just return to the dirt from whence I came, 

I want ashes to ashes, dust to dust to be a song of joy and revival.


In this life

My heart gave more love than it could contain

My soul was a conduit for spiritual and physical love and harmony

My mind expanded beyond the text books to the endless possibilities of the universe

My hands reached out indiscriminately to help family, friends and strangers

My body was a vessel to be treasured but not an obsession

My feet were never too tired to dance or run the last mile.


You see, I have always been in my heaven but now I am one with the earth again.


Grass happily grows on me without the need for fertilizers

Roses and hibiscus plants flourish and bloom beautiful flowers in my soil

Organic vegetables thrive as nature intended and nourish the world

Happy couples sit on a bench over me and feel the love that I carried inside of me

The elderly are comforted even knowing that they may be joining me soon

My loved ones rub me between the palm of their hands and find peace.


A well-lived life on earth is the beginning of my heaven.