Unmet expectations
Failure to exhale
Hereditary gift
Swallowing your pride
Hiding your feelings
Saying yes when you mean no

The words and emotions that are unexpressed travel down our being...

to bruise the throat,
wound the heart,
pollute the soul
before finding its resting place on and around the Uterus
polluting the center of our being
and threatening everything in its path.

My sisters, speak your truth
Embrace and love your whole being
Fiercely guard your heart
Be weary of anyone controlling your life in the name of God, the devil and everything in between
Clothed yourself in optimism and banish all forms of negative energy
Take time for mental and physical healthcare
Self-care is Life-care
Proudly recognize that you are the President, CEO and Keynote speaker of your life.
Nothing important to you works without a healthy you.
You are worthy of love, worthy of abundance and worthy of a healthy life. Always.
— With Love, Janet Autherine

I struggled with Fibroids for over 20 years before having them removed.  The cause was unclear.  When you are faced with an issue that is seemingly out of your control (health, business, relationship, family), you just focus on what you can influence in a positive way.  As such,  the struggle with Fibroids was the catalyst for my heightened self-care.  Letting go of stress, negative energy, speaking from the heart, walking in my truth were the lessons that I learned on my journey. Everyone's journey is different but I hope that this poem helps someone along the path to spiritual wellness.

Please share with anyone who struggles to find time for self-care.  

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