Happy Easter - Embrace the Opportunity for Rebirth and Renewal

Happy Easter, my friends!  

Easter reminds us that we are loved and blessed.  Whether or not you are a believer, take the opportunity for spiritual rebirth and renewal of the soul.  Spend time with your family and friends and spread some love to those in our community who are in need.  I have tried to capture what Easter means to me.  Let us love relentlessly all year, spread joy, touch everyone that we meet with kindness and be mindful in every moment.  From my family to yours, Happy Easter!

E - Express exponential gratitude for the grace of God

A - Appreciate the blessings of rebirth and renewal

S - Spread Joy! Every. Single. Day. 

T - Touch every soul with kindness  

E - Embrace every moment. Be mindful

R - Relentlessly love your neighbor as yourself

Happy Easter.JPG

With Love and Gratitude, Janet Autherine