Shiny Things: How to Handle Distractions


Have you ever been distracted by a “shiny thing?” We all have. You are confidently walking in your purpose and it appears. You heart pounds, your hands sweat and your mind is filled with a mix of excitement and confusion. - you are on your way to college but get offered job with an attractive salary.
- you are about to marry your high school sweetheart and she walks in.
- you have done all your research and ready to buy the car that you can afford but the salesperson shows you the newer model.
- your dream job is 5 more rungs up the ladder but this lateral position is available right away and it pays more.

You take the plunge. Occasionally, it means a lifetime of regret but most of the time, it is simply a life lesson and one that needs to be learned in order to know yourself better so that next time you can walk in your purpose with more poise and confidence. 
It is fun to go off the path a few times in life. These life lessons make good stories. However, as we mature, course correction becomes a bit more challenging. It becomes more important not to be distracted by “shiny things.” Identify your goals, write them down and place them where you can see them everyday. Life is filled with distractions but the victory is sweet when we walk in our purpose and stay true to our ideals. 
What has been the “shiny thing” experience in your life?