Everything's is Irie: An Island Girl's Approach to Mindful Living and Being is the book that I have been waiting to write for the past 15 years. It is the story of how my childhood in Jamaica has influenced every step of my journey.  It is a testament to how a loving home, hard work, optimism, a good education and some good fortune can inspire a young girl to stay grounded through many of the struggles of life.  As a tribute to Jamaica and the many islands that bring us fun and "Irie" times even when the people that serve you with a smile are fighting their own battles, I coined the term "island mindfulness." Island mindfulness is focusing on mindful living and being; it is living in the moment, whatever that moment brings, knowing that you can weather any storms that will come your way.  Thanks for reading Everything's Irie and I wish you an "Irie" journey.


Coming in March 2019

Everything is Irie


Island mindfulness is the awareness that each of us is a small but significant voice in the world and that the world needs us to have the peace of mind to live and love harmoniously. Although we may be surrounded by water (literally or figuratively), the mind has the ability to ride the waves of life and find calm in the midst of all the sun, wind, and rain that will touch our lives. By focusing on mindful living and being, the mind, heart, and soul can be Irie (at peace).



Island Mindfulness Mantras

Greatness. Purpose. Love. Consciousness