Women leaving footprints in the sand: interview questions


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Growing into Greatness: Footprints in the Sand. You are a great human being.  Identify what makes you unique and let that light of greatness shine for everyone to see. Proudly say, "This is who I am and this is where I will shine brightly." Therein lies your greatness.

Publication Terms and Agreement: Thank you for sharing your journey.  By doing   so, you are giving permission for the content of your interview, photograph and related material to be published by Autherine Publishing on the Growing into Greatness website, social media pages and related educational and promotional materials.  Please be aware that your story may be picked up and published by other media outlets that are not associated with Autherine Publishing. Submission is an expression of interest and does not guarantee that your story will be published by us.

This is your story. Your truth. Please answer at least 10 of the questions and add up to 3 additional questions or statements to help us fully understand your journey. Don’t hesitate to share any projects that you are currently working on.  We want to support and celebrate you.  Please send up to 2 photos that you love to JanetAutherine@growintogreatness.com, and any biographical information that you would like included with the interview.  Thank you!

1. What does greatness mean to you?

2. Who has been the most influential person in your life (positive or negative) and how has that person changed you?

3. Fear stops many of us from going after the dream that is in our hearts, how do you handle fear?

4. Small steps have major impact. What small steps are you taking daily to make a positive impact in your own life or globally.

5. What quote (your own or from an inspirer) resonates the most with you? Or what book has had a major impact on your life and why?

6. What footprints do you want to leave in the sand as you travel the road of life?  What steps, if any, are you taking to make an impact?

7. Have you had any notable setbacks? If so, how did you become resilient enough to keep going after a setback?

8. Name 3 things that bring you pure joy? How do you create a positive life balance so that you are engaging in the things that bring your joy,  attending to your work and family responsibilities while actively pursuing your goals and dreams?

9. We are all unique.  The skill, trait or gift that has always come naturally to you is likely what makes you unique and where your greatness lies. Have to tapped into what makes you different from everyone else? If so, please share what you have learned.

10. How would you like to be remembered?  By your loved ones.  By the world?

11. What has been your career path?  Is it what your imagined?  Any advice for women who are seeking a similar career?

12.  Is there any advice or life lesson that you would like to offer young women who are struggling to find their purpose and live a meaningful life? 

13.  What changes would you make in your life if money was not a consideration?

14. Is there anything that has not been asked that you would like to share with the universe?

Please email answers to JanetAutherine@growintogreatness.com. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey!