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Janet AutheriNe

Author, Publisher, Speaker

Greatness is finding your
natural talent, fueling it
with passion, planting it
in well-nourished soil,
and toiling in the garden
until it breaks through the
earth and reaches for the
— Janet Autherine

Welcome to the Books, Poetry, Positivity and Purpose Community!

Hi, I am Janet Autherine, founder of Autherine Publishing and the Books, Poetry, Positivity and Purpose community.

My love for writing and storytelling started as a child growing up in Jamaica. I was so quiet and introverted that I didn’t recognize my own voice. I relied on reading, writing and creating imaginary stories in my mind to survive the constant pressure to communicate like my extroverted friends and classmates. 

It wasn’t until law school when one of my professors commented that the paper that I turned in “wasn’t in my voice” that I realized the importance to living, writing, speaking your truth and letting your voice be heard.  I not only found my voice but I wanted to create a platform that would give a voice to others, particularly women. Through my books (Growing into Greatness & Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul), social media pages and the series, Women Leaving Footprints in the Sand, I have been blessed to be able to do so.

Read more of my story and allow me to help you share yours.


Welcome to our community! Happy Exploring!

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