Boys and Poop

The Truth About PoopImage via Wikipedia
I love when I find new perspectives on raising boys. Below is one from Thomas Matlack, the Men's Project.

Some of his thoughts are generalizations or relate to his family but he has some funny points. I have yet to find a mother with a son who is not fascinated by poop. I often hear, "Mom, I have a surprise for you". What is the surprise? Poop. I sit in the bathroom, sometimes with my laptop, because they want me to be a witness to the pooping. It is a big, darn deal for them! They want me to smell it and hear the sounds. I blame myself for making such a big deal about it the first month or so that they finally became potty trained. One day, I will appropriately say, "Son, pooping is private and no one should be in the bathroom with you." Or "Sweetie, please do not discuss poop at the dinner table." For now, I just sit on the bathroom floor and smile. Is this one of the moments that I will miss when they get older?