My Old New Self

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Do you plan on reinventing yourself this year or are you one of the few that are completely happy with your life. I plan to do a little reinventing. I grew up in the country with a small house in a really big yard with fruit trees, a verandah, a place to play marbles, yams to dig, fruit trees to climb, game playing in the street, a big pot cooking the in the back yard, and friends dropping by the house often.  This year, I am reclaiming the old me. I may not be able to recreate the magic of Jamaica in Orlando but I am sure going to try.  Yesterday, I was out house hunting and decided that any house that I buy has to be surrounded by at least 1/2 acre of land. I want the boys to experience how it feels to grow your own food and go out back to get dinner from the earth.  I want to look out the kitchen window and see them playing sports in the yard. I want to get back to being an outdoor, sports chick. I used to be able to run and climb trees as fast as the boys but I am now out of breath after 5 minutes of soccer. After 20 years of city living, my resolution for this year is to reclaim the old me.  Sometimes you can and should go home again.