Greatest Toys of All Time

A Lego CityImage via Wikipedia
Do you remember your favorite toy? Time magazine has published a list of the greatest toys of all time. It includes classics such as Barbie, the Yo-Yo, the Radio Flyer, Hula Hoops and Water Balloons.  We could not afford a Barbie but I remember enjoying hours of fun with a hand-made Yo-Yo.

So what is the greatest toy in our house? An empty cardboard box!!! My boys can play for hours in an empty box. They turn it into a house, they go camping in it, they decorate it and play other games that only kids can conceive. A close second are pots and pans.  If you don't mind your pots getting a little banged up, the kids can organize them, make imaginary meals and turn them into drums and other musical instruments.  Kids love to play grown up so the best toys are often already in your home.  I could write about how much fun it is to play with mommy's shoes and make-up but I covered that in another story.

This past Christmas, my 6 year old asked for a hamster, to which I responded, "sorry honey but mommy is afraid of rats."  He laughed and told me that he wanted a "play" hamster and the rest is history. I discovered the Zhu Zhu (best from the 2000s) pets (about a year late) and they have taken over our house. These crazy critters, along with the trusty Legos (best from the 1940s), are the only toys that the kids play with over and over again.