Becoming the Happiest Mom: Did You Make Your Bed Today?

I am really exhausted tonight because my mother is coming for a visit tomorrow so I spent all day cleaning the house. If like me you don't have a spotless house, you know how much work it takes to get the house ready for a visitor.  Now, with some visitors, you can just just throw that pile of laundry in the closet and shut the door but not when mama is coming; you know that the first thing she will do is peak in the closet.

In every house there is a room where the entire family congregates; that is the room that generally causes housekeeping headaches.  In our house, it is the kitchen. Both my husband and I cook so the kitchen is "lived in", to put it nicely. It has always been my view that in every house, the kitchen and bathroom should always be clean even if every other room is a mess, so I am always trying to live up to my own expectation with regards to the kitchen. Honestly, I still don't have a method that works consistently but here are a few lessons from the Happiest Mom and some things that have worked for me occasion.

  • Eliminate paper by stopping your junk mail and getting your bills by email.
  • Bag up old toys and clothes and send off to a charity. You will feel lighter instantly and will be patting yourself on the back at tax time when you have that great deduction.
  • Every chore is so much easier when done to music.
  • Wash all the kids clothes together and never iron them unless absolutely necessary.  Is there anyone who still irons sheets and underwear? If you are that organized, I would love to hear from you.
  • Is housework a sore spot in your marriage? If you can afford to, hire someone to help you.  My philosophy is that you shouldn't fight with your spouse about anything that you can afford to outsource (housekeeping, landscaping, cooking).
  • Make your bed! Meagan is right; it is a great way to start the day and no matter how the rest of the house looks, you always have a pleasant retreat.

Now that I am sure that I won't be embarrassed when my mother opens the closet door, I am off to get a peaceful night's sleep. What is your tip for stress-free housekeeping?