25 + 5 Random Things About Me

Remember a few years ago when “25 Random Things About Me” was abuzz on Facebook? This morning I stumbled upon the list that I wrote in 2008 and surprisingly almost all 25 remains true.   Since I couldn’t make any major changes, I decided to add 5 more to the list and repost for all my new friends, so here we go. 
25 + 5 Random Things About Me
  1. My glass is always ¾ full.
  2. As a Virgo, I am judgmental but I try really hard not to show it.
  3. I dream about the house that I grew up in Dalvey, St. Thomas, Jamaica almost once a week
  4. I wished that I started having kids younger because I secretly yearn for at least six.
  5. I have a crush on Angelina Jolie
  6. I could keep a secret forever
  7. My husband used to call me “Dr. Spock” from Star Trek because I prefer logic over emotion.
  8. I gave up Tequila in my 20’s…for a very good reason.
  9. I think that my best traits are “common sense” and my ability to “roll with the punches.” 
  10. I love being an introvert; most things should be left unsaid.
  11. I love old people because I grew up in a house filled with them.
  12. The best gift that I have ever received came from my Mama, Ms. Linett and it’s the belief in God
  13. I know that there is no good reason to hit anyone, including kids.
  14. I used to be addicted to ice; if I left the house without a cup, I would go back home
  15. My hobbies are writing and eating at nice restaurants. 
  16. I dislike giving bad news, roller coasters, violent films, pubic speaking and being taken for granted.
  17. I love having a house filled with friends and family
  18. My dream trip would be two weeks in Italy
  19. I yearn to move to a warmer climate. I hate it when the temperature drops below 60.
  20. I love that I know my family roots (Jamaica and Sierra Leone). I am working on an extended Family Tree.
  21. I am a cat person, dogs scare me.
  22. My friends are my life line.
  23. I have a strange hole at the top of my left ear.
  24. I love the water but can’t swim.
  25. My favorite slogans are “Live and let live!” “First, do no harm”, “Stand for Something” and “Love Your Neighbor.” 
So what has changed?  No judgment here; there is something about having 3 toddlers that scream in supermarkets and restaurants that will turn even the most judgmental person into a beacon of acceptance and tolerance. I am so much more emotional than a few years ago; even Dr. Spock couldn’t resist the joys of watching 3 sleeping angels or the tears when one is sick. My dream of living in a warmer climate is now a reality and it is as good as I imagined. Finally, I must have been insane to dream of having 6 kids because the 3 that I have are kicking my butt.
2011 Update.
  1. My happiest days are spent at the beach.  
  2. My thyroid hates me and I feel the same way about it. However, having a thyroid goiter has taught me the true meaning of both inner and outer beauty.
  3. My kids have turned me into an emotional being. When I was pregnant, commercials would make me cry. Goodbye Dr. Spock.
  4. Never thought that I would say this but I LOVE being surrounded by men! Three boys, a husband and a male cat equals a great life.
  5. At this moment, I am a dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, Pescetarian. I am a small piece of Red Snapper away from being a Vegan.
Do you have 5 things about yourself that you would like to share?