Letting Go Of Fear And Living A Purposeful Life

I don't enjoy flying. Yes, it gets me to my destination quicker than driving, it is safer than driving and the sky is absolutely beautiful. I don't like flying because I feel powerless. I have just turned my destiny over to a group of strangers. I don't have control of the wheel like I would in a car and when there is severe turbulence, all I can do is sit helplessly and suffer through it. 

Florida has been hit with with heavy rains due to Tropical Storm Debby and there are large puddles of water on every street. However, I am a great driver and I am behind the wheels of a solid car. I am in control. Imagine my surprise when I drove through a puddle of water and my car hydroplaned into the left lane. I felt like I was on a water slide at Disney. I had absolutely no control and just had to let it run its course and then steer back into my lane.  I slowed down and it happened again. Even though I hydroplaned into oncoming traffic, thankfully there were no cars in the left lane. 

There is a lesson in every incident, big or small, good or bad, that happens in our lives. Sometimes we  discover the lesson right away and sometimes it takes weeks or months. Here are a few that I have pondered on over the past week.

  1. We have freewill and some control over our lives but God has ultimate control.
  2. Don't hydroplane through life; be purposeful about what you say and do.
  3. We are fragile beings. We are strong in mind, heart and soul but all are housed in a fragile shell.
  4. Say your goodbyes every day, not just in words but by showing love and kindness to those around you.
  5. If you are going down the wrong road in life, it is not too late to change course.
  6. Rational people can have irrational fears. Just let go of your fears and let your mind soar. 
  7. Every day bad things happen to good people. We may get a reprieve but we are not immune.
  8. Don't get distracted by the small things, focus on the things that are meaningful to you.
  9. Life is not about how long you live; it is about what you do with the dash in between life and death.
  10. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. It all starts and ends with love.

I am letting go of my fear of flying. I am controlling the things that I can and leaving the rest to God. What I know for sure is that if I live a purposeful life and focus on the things and the people that are important to me, my life, short or long, will be well-lived.