Are Your Daily Activities Aligned With Your Core Values?

Are your daily activities aligned with your core values?  When the answer is no, it creates both physical and emotional imbalance.  It is fine to be busy if you are busy doing the right things but it is a shame to spend all your time on a treadmill that is going nowhere. 

 A few weeks ago, my Whole Health doctor told me that I was leading a stress-filled life and that stress was contributing to my thyroid imbalance.  In response, I started a eight week boot camp class, added helpful supplements, such as Vitamin B-12, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds,and Maca powder to my diet and also cut back on my interactions with people who are a source of negative energy.  Life coaches often recommend journaling as a way to reduce stress and reconnect to your inner self and it is great advice, however I have never been able to journal for more than a few weeks at a time so I was happy to discover a shortcut.  As I was completing "happiness" exercises on one of my favorite websites (,  I was asked to write down my core beliefs and values.  At first I groaned at the thought but started writing anyway.  I was surprised to find that some of the things that I valued last year have changed based on all my life experiences over the past year, including the passing of my father.  Below is a random list of thoughts/beliefs that shape my day.

  1. Don't be judgmental.  Be kind and understanding regarding the road that others have traveled and the path that they have chosen for their lives. 
  2. Shower God, family, friends, and neighbors with love. 
  3. Pray everyday and always give thanks for my blessings. 
  4. Contribute to the life of a child that is not my own. 
  5. Nourish my mind, body and soul and continue to be open to new truths. 
  6. My body is the temple of God and it is to be treated with the highest regard. 
  7. Eat real food. We are what we eat. 
  8. Material things = fleeting happiness. If someone loves something that you own, give it away with a smile. 
  9. Don't be afraid to feel every emotion (laughter, sadness, tears, joy, pain). Feel it but don't dwell on it and don't hide it with substances, legal or illegal. 
  10. The power of the Bible lies with those who read it; if I don't love myself and my neighbor everyday then it is just a book with good stories. 
  11. I am an introvert but not a loner. Strong relationships and strong friendships mean everything to me. 
  12. We are our brother's keeper; don't miss a chance to help someone in need. 
  13. Take a moment everyday through prayer or meditation to listen to what is in your heart. 
  14. Listen more than you speak and give more than you receive.
  15. Exercise every week.  Sometimes that means exercising your facial muscles by smiling at everyone that you meet and exercising your arms by giving everyone a hug.

What I learned  from this exercise is that in order to better align my beliefs to my daily life, I need to become more connected to my local community.

Take a few minutes to jot down your core beliefs, your goals and a few things that you value.  Keep a journal for one week and document everything that you do.  Are your daily activities aligned with your goals and your core beliefs?  What can you eliminate to make room for inspiration and growth?  What can you incorporate in your life to increase your peace, general well-being and your impact on society?   

Share your list so that we can inspire, support and encourage each other.