Introvert Love: I Don't Like People but I Love You

There are very few things that Introverts love more than solitude.  We don't hate people; we just don't like them much when they consistently drain our batteries and refuse to respect our need to take time to recharge.  Some of us may even say that we love people.  As a social introvert, I enjoy the company of small groups of people and I very much enjoy one on one substantive conversations.   Surprisingly, introverts and extroverts often meet and fall in love.  The primary reason is that introverts often love to listen and extroverts generally love to talk.  This works well as long as the extrovert respects the introvert's need for occasional solitude.  The key word is "respect."  If the need for solitude is only "tolerated" it makes for a very unhappy partnership.

What would inspire an introvert who values solitude above all else to partner with an extrovert or even another introvert?  Love? Loneliness? Self-sacrifice? My musings led to the poem, I Don't Like People.  

When the dysfunction in the world overwhelms my senses, I cling to you. When I reject everything in my path, I still choose you. When my soul aches for solitude, my heart wants to pull you closer. When I crawl into my shell to hide, you are the only comfort that I crave. I choose you. I don’t like people but I love you.