WILD HEART, PEACEFUL SOUL: Poems and Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously

AVAILABLE on AMAZON and in your local bookstores: September 2018

Author: J. Autherine

Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul is dedicated to women everywhere who lead with their hearts. It is risky business for us because we feel deeply and love hard. That also means that we are prone to falling hard. Falling hard is easier when you have a peaceful place to land. Sometimes, we have to create that perfect landing place in our soul.  



As a child in Jamaica, I spent a lot of time memorizing verses both in church and in school (songs, poems, written word). A child was considered very bright if she was able to memorize a long passage, and boldly walk on stage to recite it as friends and family cheered. As a rather shy introvert, I couldn’t pull off recitation without feeling on the verge of a breakdown but I loved poetry and in my mind, I was on stage acting out every verse.

The first traditional poem that I remember memorizing was, “I Wonder Why the Grass is Green” by Jennie Kirby. After moving to the United States, I started reading everything that I could find by great authors, such as Dr. Maya Angelou. I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing touched me deeply and is still one of my favorite books. I believe that was when I started transitioning from writing about my day in my diary to writing free form poetry.  

Books by Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison also sparked my love for issues that are close to the heart of women. I soon found that I was most excited to write when a “heart” issue was involved.  Since, I lead with my heart in almost every circumstance, thankfully, the inspiration came often.


Years from now when I read my poetry,

I may be embarrassed,

I may not recognize myself,

But I will never be ashamed of my heart’s journey;

of the loving,

of the giving,

of the kindness,

of the pain.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope that you have the freedom to let your heart run as wild as it can without sacrificing the peace that your soul needs.  Thank you for supporting Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul.  May your heart run wild but always find a peaceful way back home.