The Sun Rises. Every. Single. Day.

The world doesn’t revolve around you but it depends on you. Be consistent. Be your best self. Show up everyday, like the sunrise, wearing your finest garment, and be ready to shine brightly in every life and every circumstance that you touch.
— Janet Autherine

Reflect on this beautiful sunrise.  What does it inspire in you?  

The Sun Rises. Every. Single. Day.  

It gently reminds us….

You are alive!

Be thankful!

Be grateful! 

You are a small but significant part of the plan.

Don’t be distracted by insignificant problems; each day presents an opportunity to start again.

The shines over us all; there are no favorites.

The sunrise becomes more lovely every second; don’t take you eyes off the prize.

The sun may fade from your view but it will always return, just as beautiful as the day before.

Consistency is everything.  Continue to grow into your greatness everyday that you are blessed to  be alive.

With love and gratitude, Janet Autherine