My Life Is In Your Hands


This week, there was a hail storm in Orlando and a tornado watch and severe thunderstorms. Highly unusual for the beginning of Spring in Florida and very scary.  Our office closed early because of the severe weather so I looked for a book to pass the time and stumbled upon a book that read over 10 years ago, Still on the Journey by Jessica Kendall Ingram.  In the book was a handwritten note with the words quoted in this post: 

I know that I can make it. 

I know that I can stand. 

No matter what may come my way, 

my life is in your hands. (Kirk Franklin).

This used to be one of my favorite songs.  We sang it many years ago when I sang with the Ebenezer AME choir.   The power of writing or journaling is that it reminds us what we went through in the past and how far we have come.  I am not sure why I took the time to write those words on a sticky note and leave it in a book so many years ago but I know that those words are still true and that someone needs to hear them today.  

If it is you, love, blessings, hope and strength to you. You are not alone.

With Love and Gratitude, Janet Autherine