Flying high but slowing down

Kids are really great at forcing us to ponder. On the flight coming back from vacation with my 5 year old, he had a million questions....mommy, when we are flying on the plane, are we closer to God? Is God a man or a woman? Was Abraham Lincoln the best President and if so, why is he on the $5 bill? Is a hippopotamus slow? It would be so easy to give a glib answer to a 5 year old. If I was not on an airplane, i would be tempted to rely on Google, but thankfully I was forced to slow down and focus on my son as well as the questions that were certainly very important to him. I may not know all the answers but I said, Sweetie, if we were made in God's image, he must be a little bit of both. What do you think? And so begins a great conversation with my son.
Janet AutherineComment