3 Vacations Every Mother Should Take Each Year


I recently returned from a trip to Jamaica with five wonderful ladies.  It was a good friend's 50th birthday and we gathered to celebrate this special occasion.  At the beginning of the trip, I only knew the birthday girl but by the end of the trip, the six of us were best friends.

Funds and family obligations, notwithstanding, every mother should take 3 trips each year - a girl's or good friends getaway, a romantic trip with your spouse or significant other and a family vacation.  Each trip feeds a different part of our soul.

With the right mix of friends, the girl's getaway can be adventurous or pure relaxation.  For me, I wanted relaxation and good conversation - mission accomplished!  Mothers, whether it is for a week or just a weekend, we are in a space where we are not pulled in many directions and no one wants anything from us.  Do you even remember what it feels like to hear your name without it being followed by an immediate request?

I know that you love your husband, but do you like him?  Time alone - walking on the beach, dancing, talking about something besides the kids, focusing on something other than our electronic devices - allows us to reconnect to the essence of the person with whom we fell in love with and choose to be our partner in life.

Little footprints in the sand, the joyful noise of kids sliding down a waterfall, "are we there yet" from the back seat of the car, squeezing 5 people into a hotel room with only a king size bed, searching for the best ice cream in town, are all hallmarks of a great family vacation.  We have a great time, we make awesome memories but usually return only slightly less tired than before vacation.  Still, these are the memories that we will be discussing over family dinners 20 years from now.

This year, I have had the girl's getaway and short trips with the family.  I'm still hoping to have at least a weekend away with the hubby but finding someone to take care of three very active boys under 9 for even one night is not an easy task.

I didn't say that it would be easy but we are mothers and we rise to every challenge.  Happy vacationing and don't forget to share memories from your trips.