Mid-summer blues

Remember how excited you were at the end of the school year?  Both you and the kids were exhausted from the school year and you had fabulous plans for a fun filled summer.  For the first few weeks, you had a fantastic time but now it is mid-summer and that summer malaise is setting in.  The kids have used the word "bored" far too many times.  Isn't it funny how kids can say, "Mommy, I am bored" and make it sound as if you have just done something horrible to them. 

We have all had the mid-summer blues so you are certainly not alone.  As I write this post, I am in the middle of an 18 hour road trip from Florida to New York.  My boys are crying "bored" because I have limited their use of electronic devices.  We didn't drive 18 hours so that they could play Minecraft.  Mid-summer is the time to shake things us, stray far away from our summer routines, take a road trip, go camping, get away from the electronic devices and ignite the summer with new life.  You do not want to have any regrets in another month to six weeks when school starts and you are bound by the school calendar. 

Learning should not end when summer starts; this is a wonderful time to take on the role of your children's teacher and teach some valuable life lessons.  Teach gratitude to the kids by spending a few days or evenings volunteering with a local charity.  This may be impossible when the school year starts and your evenings are filled with music lessons, homework and sporting events.  Did you find it difficult to participate in Wednesday evening bible study, the summertime is a great time to get the kids more engaged.  Plant an organic garden in your backyard, use your cell phone to make a family video dancing to Pharrell's Happy or to your favorite song, or take an art class together.  Create something together that will memorialize your summer together.

Learn, have fun, love each other and show gratitude every step of the way.  Gratitude has a way of washing away any mid-summer blues.

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