Supermom Single Mothers


I was raised by 2 singe mothers, Mama Linett Wills and Mom Roslyn Chambers.  I experienced deep and abiding love.  As I raise my own children as a single parent, I have a stronger sense of all the struggles and sacrifices that they made to raise my brothers and I.  This poem is a tribute to them, as well as all the supermom, single mothers out there who are working miracles every day to raise the next generation of leaders.  We see you. We respect you. We are proud of you. We have your back. The road feels lonely but you are not alone.




Your shoulders are heavy, 

but you stand tall and raise your head high,

knowing that you are raising kings and queens,

future leaders of the world. 

You are pounding the pavement,

kicking butt, making it look easy

but we know better; 

we know the struggle,

we understand the pain.

You are sometimes joyful,

sometimes fearful, 

saying quiet prayers, 

crying silent tears,

working miracles with limited resources. 

We see you.

We respect you. 

We are proud of you.

We have your back.

The road feels lonely

but you are not alone.


Janet AutherineComment