Embrace Mindfulness

Friends, every moment of your journey is significant.  I know that it can be a rough, winding road with lots of bumps along the way.  But sometimes, we turn a corner and discover a majestic mountain that we are eager to climb or a beautiful lake that is calling for us to jump in.  I don't know where you are on the journey but be mindful in every moment.  We never get those back.  Frankly, some moments we don't want to get back but we always want to remember how far we have come.  

With Love and Gratitude, Janet


Each moment is special
Always be mindful
Don’t be afraid to shout with joy and
dance like no one is watching
on the high roads of life or
be vulnerable and show your heart
and your humanity on the low roads
Be fully present for it all
Be grateful for every opportunity to foster a deep connection with each other,
love each other,
be kind to each other because
the moment is our majesty;
it is all that we are assured
If we embrace the moment, the moment will embrace us.
— Janet Autherine